Annotated Bibliography Writing

Every student is familiar to the bibliography – this list of writings with the dates of publications. Let’s have a closer look at such a sort of bibliography as an annotated one.

Annotated bibliography writing requires a little bit more time than composing a usual one. An annotation is just a note which you can find at the beginning of the bibliography. This note usually contains important information about the subject of the publication, describes, evaluates and explains it. While bibliography is a list of citations, an annotated bibliography includes notes that follow some or all the citations. One can find a bibliography at the end of a research paper, thesis, and dissertation and so on. This list is thoroughly composed of the sources the author has used to conduct the research. This sources can be represented with books, articles, journals etc. To describe the source in a nutshell the author writes or uses an annotated bibliography writing service. After that every citation is evaluated and one can read its core concepts, topics and arguments. Another important point of an annotated bibliography is that it explains importance and relevance of a certain source to the paper. From this sheet of an academic paper we find out if the source was helpful, reliable, purpose of its usage, kind of its advantages and disadvantages. An annotation may consist of all the mentioned points.

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Why is an annotated bibliography worth attention?

Sometimes completing this sheet of the work seems useless and just time-wasting. Though, an annotated bibliography is worth attention and its advantages are not obvious but quite important. The main aim of a thesis, dissertation or a research paper is to expose a new point of view, point out own conclusion that were made through the research. A new point doesn’t seem credible unless it is supported with the relevant points of view and sources that are already credible in this realm of research. The quoted authors should be recognized and known in this exact field of knowledge and this is the way to add credibility to own work. An annotated bibliography can be extremely important at university or at college, as it shows a professor that a student has conducted a research and worked through a number of relevant sources. Another useful side of the bibliography is that if the same point of view was expressed in different sources, it may be more credible. The last advantage is information about time. Our society and science are not static, theories change, new facts are revealed, so it’s necessary to mention the age of the source.

Significance of writing an Annotated Bibliography

The importance of annotated bibliography for presentation of the work has been mentioned above. However, this sheet of paper serves great purposes of an author, too. Writing such a detailed list allows to identify what has already been done and what is to be completed. It also gives an author the ability to define the real purpose of this research and find its best place. Writing an annotated bibliography, you understand the core points of your work better and can find out which of them seem to be interesting and thought-provoking. Talking about the significance, it’s impossible not to mention usefulness of an annotated bibliography to the other researches as reading exactly this sheet allows to get familiar to the most important points about the topic.

Some people decide to buy annotated bibliography while others try completing it by themselves. Certainly, there are a lot of samples in the Internet along with the databases, tips, examples and so on. If you want to write the whole paper on your own, try searching for the articles explaining how to prepare a good annotated bibliography, how to complete an annotated bibliography essay or how to write this paper in a proper way. Amount of relevant resources is endless and if you have time and wish to complete this work by yourself, you have all the opportunities to do it. However, experience and skills require time and effort.

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